Overview of

this Course

Each lesson consists of

A video introducing the lesson


A short lesson and exercises


Answers to Exercises




Answers to Quiz


To the Teacher


Additional Activities


After completing this book, 

I will know


that English is a word order language 


that X-Words are the anchors of the sentence


that there are two major building blocks of the English sentence, verb phrases and noun boxes


these building blocks join with function words to make beautiful sentences!

Do I have to work

X-Word grammar might focus on a discrete point, but it always does so in the context of the whole sentence. 

(In more advanced books, it considers the whole paragraph or essay.)

There are 25 Lessons in the book


In general


Verbs: 1-10


Noun boxes: 12-21 


Clauses and sentences: 22-25 


Although 1, 2, 3, and 9 really should be taught and understood, 

you can be more flexible with the other lessons depending on your English abilities and the curriculum.

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